May 19

Encouraging Word

Your Purpose in the Kingdom

But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be (1 Corinthians 12:18).

What would happen if all of us, as God’s people, lived out our own, God-given heavenly purpose? The truth is, God created YOU for something amazing that only YOU can do! 

God has chosen you and set you apart to live a victorious life and walk out your part in His plan. Don’t look around and try to do what someone else is doing. You’ve got a purpose in the Kingdom like no one else’s, and it is time to start walking in it!


Please join me in welcoming Brian Roberts, Emily Roberts, and Dottie Freeman to our Dream Team!!! We are so excited to have the three of you serve with us and help us make a difference in the lives of others!

Love Large

Check out the Love Large Directory to see all the Love Large Opportunities!

Israel 2020

There are 20 spots open for a trip to Israel in 2020. If you are interested please click the link below for more details.


Sunday, June 2- Sunday FUN DAY is BACK!!! Check out the NEW Sunglasses coming on Sunday, June 2!!!

Saturday, July 13- Serve Day