August 18

Encouraging Word

Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops. – Proverbs 3:9

In the Old Testament, believers did not come to the temple to worship without an offering to give God. Their offerings were essential to their worship of God. While we do not worship in the temple and are no longer required to offer sheep, doves, or grain, we should still regard giving as a wonderful way to worship God.
When I think of all that God has given me, I find that giving back to Him is my blessed obligation. Not only did God breathe life into me and give me a place in which to live, He also gave His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. And by believing in Christ, God also gave His Holy Spirit to teach me, guide me, and comfort me. With all God has given me, how could I not give back to Him.

Dream Team Hangout

On Tuesday, August 27 we will have a Dream Team and Family MOVIE NIGHT! The exact time is coming but plan 6ish! We will watch the Lion King together at Stadium 10. The movie will be FREE! We do ask that our Dream Team purchases concessions. The movie theater will give you a FREE Popcorn with each drink purchase! Please RSVP on the Facebook Event Page or to your leader if you are not on Facebook.

Dream Team Shirt Sundays!

We are going to start having TWO Dream Team Wide t-shirt Sundays a month. Please see the details below:

2nd Sunday: Wear ANY Revolve T-shirt

4th Sunday: Wear Black Here to Help T-shirt

Sunday Prayer

We want to encourage all of our Dream Team members to come down on Sundays for prayer. Don’t be afraid to come down multiple Sundays! We want our team as well as our guests to receive a touch from God and believe that this CAN and WILL happen through our prayer time on Sundays.


Sunday, August 25- What If Pledge Sunday

September 1-21- 21 Days of Prayer

Sunday, September 22- Baptism