Dream Team Family Feud

We are going to host another family feud day on Dec 1st. This will be ministry teams versus other ministry teams. Prizes will be given away to winners (last year the winning team went to the Angus Barn). This will happen after Church and we will provide childcare and lunch! Mark your calendar and start researching A bunch of useless information and get ready to laugh like crazy!!! (I might even have a prize for the most creative team name).


2020 Small Groups

In January we will be launching a new semester of groups. For the first time ever, we will offer something called FREEDOM groups. We will have a few opportunities for you and others to attend a freedom group. Freedom group is quite a bit different than other groups you might have experienced before. It’s a 13 week group (it will cover 2 semesters) with a 2 day conference style retreat at the end. The exact date and location of the retreat is undecided at this time but will likely either be Wilmington, Clayton, or Montgomery, AL. This small group will revolutionize your relationship with Jesus and I hope that many of you will plan to participate. Aside from Freedom groups being available, we also have a need for other groups. We need a married couples group, another men’s & women’s group and a financial peace group. I’m asking for each of you to pray about leading one of those groups in 2020.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 1.34.35 PM.png

2020 Missions

We are going on a mission trip to El-Salvador in August 9-15. We will be teaching hygiene and drilling a well for fresh,clean, & safe water for a village. The total trip cost is $2300. If you are interested please let me know.