After talking with Pastor Jeff Kapusta at Life Point Church in Wilmington and Pastor Mike Pittman at Vertical Church in Lumberton they have both assured me that they have access to plenty of emergency supplies (water, hygiene, meals, etc).  Both of these Churches and their leaders have been influential in the leadership of Revolve Church and they have been heavily impacted by the storm. In the midst of this crisis they continue to serve their community in disaster recovery efforts. Both of these Churches are hosting major relief organizations. This means several things for LifePoint and Vertical Church: 

They will likely not be able to hold regular worship services for a while. 

The people that call Vertical and Lifepoint Church home have been financially impacted and their ability to contribute to their home Church will likely be reduced. 

The operational expenses for both of these Churches will increase while the normal contributions will likely decrease. 

With ALL OF THAT, Revolve Church is taking a step and asking everyone that is able to give to GIVE. At this time, instead of buying water, hygiene products and other typical emergency response items, I am asking you to GIVE financially.  You can GIVE ONLINE to each Church at their giving link or you can give to Revolve Church under the Hurricane Relief option at (all hurricane relief giving to Revolve will be divided equally among Life Point Church and Vertical Church) 

GIVE TO Life Point Church - Wilmington, NC (select Hurricane Relief from the drop down)

GIVE TO Vertical Church - Lumberton, NC (type disaster relief in comments) 

Thank you for giving to make a difference and ensuring that these 2 very important Churches are financially supported during this time of crisis.