Open letter from Pastor Jeff to the Dream Team

I was headed home from picking up the Christmas presents from our secret hiding spot to assemble and prepare before my kids woke up on Christmas morning. It was really late and I was overwhelmed with emotion.  Just a few hours earlier I had been driving from one location to another to say hi and Merry Christmas to each person serving at our final #LOVELARGE17 outreach. Some were handing out presents to each patient in the local emergency room and some were on the late night streets of downtown Durham ministering to the least of these. While driving, all I could think about was this amazing culture of “serving” that has been created in the people at Revolve Church.  Just a day earlier our teams had assembled to throw the biggest Christmas party ever thrown at the Liberty Street Durham Housing Authority.  Many kids found smiles and love while sledding on our man made, snow filled, mountain. Most made Christmas ornaments, had faces painted, took pictures with Santa, ate pizza, drank hot chocolate and found lots of love hand delivered by our teams of people.  In my reflection I began to really think about this year and all that has happened at Revolve and in our city through Revolve. The overwhelming emotion mentioned earlier began to multiply rapidly (It may have even made my eyes leak a little)!  I instantly found gratitude for the people that had been willing to serve in our LOVELARGE efforts.  I also found this gratitude as I thought about how none of this would’ve been possible without the generous people giving money to make these things happen.  In my amazement, emotion, and gratitude you came to my mind!!! YOU, yes YOU, came to my mind.  While reflecting on all the things that our Church has been part of created overwhelming emotion, I QUICKLY realized the role YOU play.  If we don’t have Sunday mornings then we don’t have people to volunteer to serve at these LOVE LARGE events! If we don’t have Sunday mornings we don’t have money given to make this happen. If we don’t have Sunday mornings we don’t have an EGG DROP that reaches over 5000 people.  If we don’t have Sunday mornings, we don’t have LOVE LARGE that builds pumpkins patches. If we don’t have Sunday mornings, we really don’t have much. THEN IT REALLY HIT ME!!!


YOU, yes YOU are the reason for all of this emotion.  I’m grateful for YOU and your willingness to serve most Sunday mornings to make sure we are able to prove to the world that we are following Jesus by the way we make others smile!!! Thank YOU, Yes YOU, for serving to make a difference on the greatest team in the world, the Revolve Church Dream Team!!! Merry Christmas!!! 

With love,