Out of 2018 & into 2019

I don’t know about you but for me starting a new year is fun. I get excited about new beginnings but I strongly believe that the strength we start new year is related to the strength we finish the previous year. Most people in the world will hear about and talk about new goals for the new year and I’m all for that. However, I strongly subscribe to the idea that you don’t have to wait for the new year to start working on the new YOU.  

I believe we fit into 1 of 3 groups when it comes to evaluating our year: 
1) “straight up sucks” 2)“about average” 3)“exceeding excellent” 

The “straight up sucks” year is one that contained loss, pain and shortcomings. This is a year you are excited to leave. You may have experienced death of a close friend or family in this year. Your marriage may have failed. Lost your job. You often wonder here how you survived or if you’ll survive. This is the “LEMON” of automobiles. It is a car, it cranks sometimes, but it stays in the shop more than it stays on the road. You question if it will get you from here to there. 

The “about average” is what I call mediocre: a not so bad or a not so good. You sort of went through the motions. Nothing more or nothing less than you expected happened. This is the “BASE MODEL” of automobiles. No leather, no heated seats, no bluetooth stereo, no sunroof, and if you might get winded rolling the windows down. This is a vehicle and you can count on it to get you from here to there. You don’t talk about it, nobody notices it, but it was faithful and here you are entering into another year. 

The “exceeding excellent” year is one that you’ll never forget because of the good it brought. This might be the year you got married, had a child, bought a new house, got a great promotion, gave your life to Jesus, found a Church, etc. It’s been so good that you hope you never forget it. This is the “LOADED” version of automobiles. It’s got more bells and whistles than you really know how to use. The seats heat and cool, the stereo talks, and passengers have televisions. Friends want to ride with you regardless of the destination.  

I am convinced that the way I walk out of each year dramatically effects the way I walk into the next one. The Bible says that what we sow we will reap. What gets into us will come out of us. The open disclaimer is that I cannot predict if next year will be a loaded model, base model, or a lemon- but I can guarantee that if you follow these 7 Steps I’ve provided you will find something too great to be measured by the model of a car. In Galatians 6:7-9, God tells us that we harvest what we plant and that those who live to please the Spirit will harvest “everlasting life” from the Spirit. A Harvest of Blessing is coming and as we end this year I want to help each of us end well!

I have provided a document that will help you cover 7 categories of sowing. Take some time, print this off and put this plan into your life and Watch GOD blow your mind with the harvest of blessing! Click below and let’s get to it!!!

7 Ways to Walk Out of 2018 & Into 2019