Reasons why followers of Jesus DO NOT give:

Strapped: This is the scenario where the family or individual has committed equal or more money to bills outflow than they have coming in. If this describes you, then I want to provide a scholarship for you to find financial peace. I don’t want to do this so that you can give as much as I want to help you live a life free from financial bondage. If you are interested in finding financial peace, please email jeff@revolvechurch.com.

Don’t Understand: This applies to the persons that are unsure about what God’s word says regarding tithing. Malachi 3:10 says to bring the TITHE into the STOREHOUSE. As Christians, we believe the Bible is the WORDS OF GOD. The Tithe is defined as 10% of your “treasure.” In the Biblical days, most people earned a living by growing crops or livestock, and the Church fed the community at the Storehouse with peoples “Tithe.” Today the Biblical meaning of “storehouse” is the local church where you are spiritually fed, and the “Tithe” represents a tenth or 10% of your income from your work.  

Lack of Trust: Some people do not trust the Church or the Leadership of the Church. This lack of trust can come from a variety of reasons. Some people have been hurt by the Church or felt the Church failed to meet their needs. Some have heard of unethical behavior from Church Leadership. Some people simply have a difficult time trusting others with their resources. While trusting the Church isn't’ the biblical reason to give it can be a practical reason to refrain from giving. If you are part of Revolve Church and you have questions that will help you trust your Church, Please email me at jeff@revolvechurch.com, and I will arrange a time to answer your questions. I desire that you worship at a place you trust your leadership to lead you to God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Perspective:  Some people have the perspective that their “tithe” or 10% isn’t much, so it probably won't make a difference. There’s a story that Jesus tells regarding the heart behind our gift to the Church.  The heart behind giving by far outweighs the “how much” is given.  See the story yourself in Mark 12:41-44.

Divided: There are some scenarios where there are two people involved in the financial transactions (i.e., husband and wife). In many cases, there is a division on how much, if any, should be given to the Church. The husband or wife may have the desire to give a full Biblical “tithe” while the other spouse is against it. In this case, both husband and wife should seek God to find common ground. While the unevenly yoked family is a far more complex subject, regarding tithing my recommendation is that you find a happy medium or common ground until both people are willing to live out a fully obedient life to God’s word.  

Decided: This describes a person that can afford to tithe, understands the biblical call to tithe, trust the leadership of the Church but has made a decision NOT TO PARTICIPATE. For this person, I pray that you will continue to attend and continue to explore God and His plan for your life.  

Reasons why people DO give: 

Received what was given:  This describes the person that met Jesus and fully understands the forgiveness of their sins that Jesus freely gave on the cross. Out of receiving the gift of salvation, they have decided to tithe or even give above the “tithe” to help others meet the Jesus they met. 

Like what we do:  Some people give because they like what we do. They like the way we serve our city. They like the worship service we provide through songs. They like the humor and relevance of the messages preached. They like the way we teach kids about Jesus on a level they can understand.  They like the coffee, mints or free T-shirts we give every first-time guest. At Revolve Church we have people that don’t even attend our Church but like what we do and how we do it enough to give to it in hopes that we won’t stop doing what we do.  

Guilt:  Some people feel guilty because they know they should give, so they do. Some feel guilty because when the buckets pass, they think someone is watching them. Some feel guilty for the way they have behaved in the past. This feeling of guilt leads them to give in hopes of feeling better about themselves. Giving out of guilt is NOT a biblical reason to give.  

Gifted: The Bible says that God has given us different gifts to do certain things. Some people are gifted to give generously. This kind of person realizes that tithing is the floor and not the ceiling and often they are continually looking for ways to scratch their desire to give way beyond the biblical call to “tithe.” In Romans 12:6-8 the Bible says that if you have the gift of giving then give generously.  

Want to Obey: Some people only give because they believe that the Bible is the Word of God and they want to obey God and His Word. Tithing is New Testament and Old Testament. Jesus referenced tithing in Luke 11:42 as something that “YES” you should you do but the way he said it was as if “tithing” was something that absolutely should be done in conjunction with Loving God and Loving others. 


Regardless of whether you give or not, you will always be welcome at Revolve Church. Revolve Church has always existed to introduce people to God and God’s purpose for their life. You are no less of an individual if you don’t give and you are no more of an individual if you do. However, refraining from Giving to God through the local Church is resisting to be part of the greatest organization on the planet, THE CHURCH. God Bless!!!