Summer & Softball Recap & Update

When we set out to plan Summer @ Revolve 2018 I had 3 objectives.  

  • We wanted to invest some of our resources in making sure Sunday mornings this summer were the funnest (I know "funnest" isn't a word but you get the point).  That's why we have had bottle coke day, photo booth day, maple view ice cream, games on stage and even more SUMMER FUN activities on Sundays @ Revolve Church. 
  • We wanted to see where everyone was vacationing.  That's why we gave out Revolve Church sunglasses and asked everyone to post on social media their Summer destinations with #summeratrevolvenc (for fun you should search social media to see some of the fun pictures).
  • We wanted to create gatherings outside of our Sunday morning worship experiences.  That's why we had a softball day on the hottest day of the year.  

Summer has already proven to be one of the most fun Summers yet at Revolve Church. The best news is we still have more to come! Every Sunday in July we are having a message from our series titled "At The Movies".  We are watching clips of popular Hollywood films and extracting biblical principles.  We are serving cokes and popcorn EVERY SUNDAY in July and the we have a RED CARPET photo booth planned for the last Sunday in July.  This Sunday we are throwing in a surprise gift for every "adult" in attendance.  Make plans to join us.

Finally, the morning after the softball game I received a letter of gratitude from Brad. For those that don't know Brad, he is the one that planned our softball gathering and he is married to Jessica, the one that planned and organized our FUN photo booth this past Sunday (CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES). Below is a letter from Brad expressing his gratitude to each of you. Thanks for taking moment to read this. 

As I woke up this morning I am reminded that 39 is a lot different than 19. There are aches, pains, and strains that I wouldn’t have felt twenty years ago. I feel every stride I took yesterday from head to toe. My body is sore, my voice is tired, my muscles are weak, but my heart it is full. My heart is filled with joy, happiness, and love. We had 100 of the most amazing people I have ever known out last night to spend their time with us. I can not begin to thank you enough, to all that played and put their bodies on the line, to all that braved the sweltering heat to cheer the teams on, and to those that got us the field and brought food and drinks to facilitate this time of fellowship. It was more fulfilling to be in that group than I could express. Thank you all and I can’t wait until we can do it again. 

“Love like today is your last day, but learn like you will live forever”