What is REVOLT? Revolt, is the monthly gathering of the Revolve Church Student Ministry. We are dedicated to providing a place for students (grades 6-12) to connect with God, with other students, and with leaders that are dedicated to seeing students rebel against the worlds way.
What age students can attend REVOLT?Any student from 6th-12th grade can attend REVOLT!
When does REVOLT meet? The 1st Sunday of EVERY MONTH.
Where does REVOLT meet? 1058 West Club blvd Northgate Mall between Pan Pan diner and entrance to DMV
What do I need to know before attending for the first time?We promise that your first time at Revolt will be a great experience!  We won’t single you out or make you stand up in front of everyone however we would love to know that you were with us.  Please take a second to fill out a connection card to let us know you came.
What does a REVOLT service look like? Each service is guaranteed to be fun and energetic while pointing students to life in Jesus in a language that they can understand!
How can I find out what’s going on this week? Friend us on Facebook