Welcome to the Revolve Church training page.  Below you will find multiple training modules.  


Here you will find a 7 part training lesson on becoming a Godly person.  This study looks at the final 7 statements made by Jesus on the Cross.  In these statements we can find 7 habits that we can work on to become Godly people. To properly complete this training it is recommended that you print out a sheet share it with a friend, family member, or small group allowing adequate time for each persons to read and study the content while documenting their answers to the questions.  Then set aside a time and place where you can come together and share your answers.  Remember, the most effective learning is found in the discussion portions of this study. 

Week 1  
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7 

Dream Team Training

Now that you are on the dream team it is our objective to provide adequate training to equip you to develop the healthy habits of following Jesus.  Below you will find training documents for each healthy habit of a follower of Jesus.

MODULE 1  Serving Others with Commitment 
MODULE 2 Devotion in Bible Study and Prayer
MODULE 3 Living Life with the "Right Relationships" (coming soon)
MODULE 4 Generous Living (coming soon)



This is a small group based on the book and participant guide "I AM".  It's best experienced when each persons has a copy of the book and study guide.  You can buy the book HERE and the participant guide HERE.  Below you will find 5 videos.  These videos are designed to be watched together and the participant guide contains questions to be discussed in a small group setting.  

Week 1 
Week 2 
Week 3 
Week 4 
Week 5


This small group will help you discover the "FRUITS" of the Spirit that God has placed in your life.  Each week you will have a very short scripture reading assignment, a few discussions questions, and a memory verst.  Have FUN learning to live "THE GOOD LIFE". 

Introduction (Printable PDF)
Week 1  (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 2 (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 3 (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 4 (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 5 (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 6 (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 7 (Online Version) (Printable PDF)

This small group will help us learn biblical principles from the 7 Churches found in the book of Revelation.

Week 1 Ephesus (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 2 Smyrna (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 3 Pergamum (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 4 Thyatira (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 5 Sardis (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 6 Philadelphia (Online Version) (Printable PDF)
Week 7 Laodicea (Online Version) (Printable PDF)